Arizona Summer Heat


I know it’s only the 20th of April and already talks of the famous Summer heat in Arizona is slowly creeping its way here.  This coming weekend for those who don’t know we will receive our first triple digits of this year.  YES you heard right 100+ come this Sunday 23rd/APR. 2017.


With the 100 degrees and more in April typically means a long summer in Arizona.  People that I come across who aren’t from here always ask that one question “how hot does it get during the summer?”  It pains me to answer that every time but I tell them our summers range from 115-120 degrees, usually between July-August months.

Then of course I get the funny question of “what do you when it’s so hot?”  Hahaha sorry but that question always gets me because of how I answer it.  I know you’re never supposed to answer a question with a question but I simply reply and ask “well what do you do in your hometown when it gets hot?”  “Go indoors and crank up that A/C right?”

In my opinion every state within the U.S will undoubtedly go through some sort of heat wave throughout the year.  Whether it lasts a couple of weeks or even several months it’s more about how we survive it.


So how do we get used to those brutal temperatures, realistically on a day to day basis???  The answer is simple, you DON’T.  You can never ever get used to 120 degrees; you just deal with it.


The only real way to deal with with the extreme temperatures is stay hydrated & stay indoors.  We all know how essential water is needed for the body.  Stock your fridge of water, if possible buy bottled water by the bulk.  Upgrade your current HVAC system and/or regularly check the maintenance.

For those that drive on a regular basis, check your vehicles fluid levels, spend the extra money (especially for older cars) on flushing out the coolant system so you’ll always have that cold A/C while you’re driving.  Maintaining you’re vehicle is of utmost important during the summer.  Last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road in a 120 degrees.

Well that’s all for now and for anybody thinking to come out to Arizona in up-coming months I really hope this blog will help you in preparing yourselves.  Because of my job I come across a lot of people from out of town who are always surprised/shocked of how brutal it can get here.  Then again, as I’ve said earlier there’s heat in every state it’s how we survive it.


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Need advice on Blogging


As a 1st time blogger would definately appreciate any/all information on successful blogging.  Thank you.

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$1 Big Macs-McDonalds

You read it right $1 Big Macs served all day at McDonalds 18/APR.  11am-2pm…Download your McDonalds APP

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The Fate of the Furious-Review

Finally got to see this movie and I give it 10 thumbs up; would pay even more to see it again.  Yes it’s definately that good.

Although I won’t be the spoiler alert I will say this movie has everything from the hardcore action scenes, comedy (TONS of it), and my favorite the twists that keep you on the edge of your seats.

I’ve been a huge of this trilogy since the very first episode which debuted in 2001 and have watched every movie multiple times.  However, this one is by far my absolute favorite.

Since I won’t be the spoiler alert on my blog I will give any specifics and answer questions if you message me.  In closing if you haven’t watched the newest installment to the Fast and Furious trilogy, PLEASE WATCH IT!!!

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1st Blog-18/APR 2017








So here it is to start my very 1st blog ever and of course I can’t think of what to write without my morning caffeine fix.  Doing multiple searches online and trying to figure out what a blog is and what it’s supposed to mean.  The wife tells me its nothing more than just writing.  She tells me that i’m a good writer and that a blog would be something ideal for me.  So why not give it a shot.  Nothing wrong with something new right?

So for starters as you can probably tell I do love my coffee and can’t fully function in the morning without the caffeine.  Although the picture above isn’t the exact Keurig I own, I do own the 2.0 version that came out a couple of years ago.  Non the less it’s still an awesome thing to have.  My favorite brand is the Doughnut shop brand which can be found in your local Walmart or Target.  Of course, for the heavy (coffee) drinkers that need a few more pods I highly recommend bulk stock from either Sam’s Club/Costco or even online to

Just an FYI: the above coffee isn’t flavored as I only drink my coffee straight black.  You can however, purchase various blends of flavored coffee who like that added sweet taste such as a cappuccino, French vanilla, etc.


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